Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is a whole new ball game for the diehard trekkers, the lovers of nature and health enthusiasts. It is a whole new world where one can come with their problems and return with leaving them behind.

Broadly speaking Nepal has three different terrains – the plains, the hilly and the high Himalayan Mountains. This being so, gives one to choose from the many different type of topography from which to choose from and to trek in.

There is the hot sweaty tropical forests in the plains in the south that goes by the name of Terai and the forests of the Himalayan mid-range, and then again the rugged mountain terrain with the world’s highest peaks in the backdrop.

There are parts in the country where you even are linked with the cold desert plateau of Tibet. The crowning of it all is the diversity in culture and tradition one finds while trekking in Nepal. There are the tall Aryan race who are followers of Hinduism, mostly confined to the plains and mid-Himalayan range, and further up in the higher Himalayas, the mostly Mongolians who follow the Buddhist faith.

In fact the whole Himalayan nation of Nepal is an amalgamation of a religious cauldron where with this mixture all live with relative harmony with each other and take inspiration from the bounties of nature. This is what makes trekking in Nepal all the more unique. The whole country is a temple of humanity that all having some sacrosanct to man.

The trekking routes can be broadly categories into four sections with them having their own individual itineraries which can be taken as the Eastern region, the central region, the Annapurna region and the far western region. Each region has it fair share of exploits to boast about for the lover of trekking into unknown places but here it is known what you can expect.

This is the primary reason why people from all corners of the world flock to Nepal to especially trek and not forgetting the highest peaks in the world which includes Mount Everest the peak in the world, to conquer them and their inner spiritual selves as well.

The best of the treks in Nepal are the circuits done primarily in the Higher Himalayan range. Since the treks are mostly in a high altitude, civilization is far and few between and because of this you have the rugged beauty of nature all to yourself to taken in. Plus, even though you are not scaling the gigantic peaks in you view, you feel as if you are a part and parcel of them.

You are partaking of the glaciers that feed the billions downstream and having given vent to some of the most ancient civilizations. Some of this rugged terrain that seem so, have hidden secrets and have fostered connections between civilizations in the by-gone-eras with their high passes. They were part of the silk and salt routes between east and west.

Trekking in Nepal makes you return home with exploits to tell your folks that never seems possible to people back home. In all, irrespective of the synonymous of rugged to danger, Nepal is a relative safe place. You are more likely to fall prey to some form of insanity in the more developed countries, rather than while trekking in Nepal. The people are friendly, welcoming and willing to help when you are most in need of them.

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