Why to the Khumbu Region?

This hectic monotonous life where we are bound by so many obligation, gives us no time for ourselves, so much so life passes before our very eyes, sooner than we realize it. The breaks that we do get, is spent in getting more embroiled in the glitters and glamour of modern life. The monotony of life has not been rejuvenated. In fact we return to daily life just as how we left it.

To actually get rejuvenated and to encounter the battle of life, is best taken in the folds of nature with activities such as trekking, rafting, rock climbing, outdoor camping, bicycling, and mountaineering. There is no better place to do so than in Nepal and out of which the best activity would be trekking. Nepal is recorded to have one of the highest number of trekkers in the world, precisely for its rough terrain, adorable passes, scintillating glaciers, virgin tropical and alpine forest all in the proximity of human civilization, begin close by. Khumbu is one of the most favoured destination out of the pack of many, getting nearly one third of the pie.

“Why to the Khumbu region?” you may ask. This is because you are close by to civilization and yet cut off, from the rest of civilization as the only means of getting there is either by plane to the small airport, Lukla which was built by Sir Edmond Hillary who found it better than a road so that it would not disturb the fragile ecosystem when the mad rush came, or on foot for a week from the capital city, Kathmandu. Remember that Khumbu, holds the highest mountain peak in the world, Everest.

Not all of us have the grit to scale the walls of this colossal mountain peak, yet some do to break all sorts of records. This region has another advantage, the pristine virgin lands that have been kept so with only the Sherpa who claim it as home and give you the privilege to trek in its fresh rugged terrain. People flock from all parts of the world to take part of this hospitality and return home only wanting to return again and again as they become better people after having realized that there is more than the glamour, glitter and the monotony of modern civilized life.

What does Khumbu have to offer for you to trek in? Fresh rugged Himalayan unspoilt terrain with fresh air not yet polluted by fossil fuels and yet you have the advantage of staying in touch with your loved ones in other parts of the world. This area proudly boasts of having electricity whilst the capital city has nearly 12 hours without it. All the energy comes from renewable resources which the glaciers provide to the fast moving rivers in this region. Your mobile phone would work. Your laptops would work and you could sent back pictures of your exploits tempting your friends, colleagues and loved ones from not having taken the course that you have.

Plus Khumbu has treks to Everest base camp, Gokyo Ri, Everest Circuit trek that would give you a taste of practically every angle of the Khumbu region and what more, you have done it in the shadows of the highest mountain – Mount Everest. What better way to enjoy life with a trek in the Khumbu region.

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