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Nepal Tourism Board The Nepal Tourism Board is charged with bringing more tourists to Nepal. The 2% tourism-service fee added to hotel, restaurant and trekking bills goes to this quasi-government organization.

Nepal has no tourist offices abroad, although Nepal embassies and consulates sometimes have a supply of brochures and can answer basic queries.



Nepal’s immigration rules are cumbersome and expensive, although they were simplified in 1999 when the trekking permit system was eliminated for most treks. All foreigners, except Indians, must have a visa. Nepal embassies and consulates abroad issue visas, or they can be issued on the spot when you arrive in Nepal, either at Kathmandu airport or at a road border with India or Tibet. If you stay in Nepal for longer than the duration of your initial 60-day visa, you will require a visa extension. Children aged under 10 do not need a visa.

To obtain a visa when you arrive in Kathmandu you must fill in an application form; in theory you should have a photograph, although this requirement is overlooked if you I don’t have one. Visa application forms are I available on a table in the arrivals hall; most I airlines do not provide this form on the I flight.

Don’t overstay a visa. You can pay a fine of US$2 per day at the airport if you’ve overstayed less than seven days. If you’ve overstayed longer, you might not be allowed to board your departing flight. In such cases you will be sent to the immigration office to settle the situation.

There is no advantage to having a visa in advance except for the time you might save at the airport when you arrive. If you are arriving by road, it might save some hassle and delay if you already have a visa, but to the helicopter operator and collect the money from you once you have been res­cued. It’s then up to you to obtain reim­bursement from your insurance company. Be sure your policy specifically covers he­licopter evacuation. Most alpine clubs, in­cluding the American Alpine Club  and the British Mountaineering Council have special rescue insurance policies you can buy online.

Other Documents

It’s useful to carry extra passport photos. If you go raffing, you’ll need a rafting permit, or you may decide to stay longer and need a visa extension. All these formalities require photos. If you have photos taken in Kath­mandu, get about 20 extra. Make two photo­copies of the important pages of your passport. Take one copy trekking and keep the other one separate from your passport. This will expedite replacement in case of loss.