Most of the treks described in this book last several weeks, but one of the attractions of the Pokhara region is the opportunity to make short treks ranging from a few hours to a week. If you don’t have time for one of the longer treks, or don’t think you are ready for one, you can cobble together an interesting trek from parts of longer treks. Many fine short treks begin and end near Pokhara. You can reach the starting point of these treks with a short journey by bus or taxi. Try one of the following.

Annapurna Panorama

Duration                               6 days

Max Elevation                      2840m

Standard                                easy-medium

Season                                   October to May

Start                                         Naya Pul

Finish                                      Phedi

Summary                   After a stiff dimb to Ghorapani and great views of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna, this trek returns through Ghandruk, a large Gurung village and headquarters of ACAP.


Day 1: Naya Pul to Tikhedhunga

3- 4 hours, 540m ascent

Start from Naya Pul, about an hour’s drive from Pokhara, and trek to Birethanti and Tikhedhunga, following Day 1 of the Jomsom trek .

Day 2: Tikhedhunga to Ghorapani

4- 6 hours, 1360m ascent

Follow Day 1 of the Jomsom trek, climbing the stone staircase to Ulleri, then climbing through forests to the Ghorapani pass at Deorali.

Day 3: Ghorapani to Tadapani

5- 6 hours, 550m descent, 710m ascent Follow the Day route of the Ghorapani to Ghandruk trek.

Day 4: Tadapani to Ghandruk

2-3 hours, 720m descent A short day, continuing to follow the Ghorapani to Ghandruk trek, arriving in Ghandruk in time to visit the ACAP visitor centre.

Day 5: Ghandruk to Tolka

2-3 hours, 670m descent, 480m ascent Descend to the Modi Khola, climb to Landruk and on to Tolka.

Day 6: Tolka to Phedi

3-4 hours, 370 ascent, 1030m descent Follow Day 1 of the Annapurna Sanctuary trek in reverse.

Ghandruk Loop

Duration                      3 days

Max Elevation            1970m

Standard                      easy

Season                          October to May

Start                              Phedi

Finish                           Naya Pul

Summary                   The shortest trek in. this book, offering good mountain views, forests, birds and glimpses of traditional village life.


Day 1: Phedi to Tolka

4-5 hours, 1030 ascent, 370m descent Follow Day 1 of the Annapurna Sanctuary trek to Tolka.

Day 2: Tolka to Ghandruk

4-5 hours, 480m descent, 670m ascent Trek to Landruk and drop down on a stone staircase to the Modi Khola at 1315m. It’s a long climb up a rough stone staircase – with high steps – past the Beehive View Guest House to the tiny settlement of Yumle. There is a teashop here, and there are a few more as you climb to Ghandruk at 1970m.

Day 3: Ghandruk to Naya Pul

4-5 hours, 1000m descent Follow the clearly defined trail south from Ghandruk to Birethanti. Walk to Naya Pul for transport back to Pokhara.

Tatopani Loop

Duration                    6 days

Max Elevation         2840m

Standard                   easy-medium

Season                        October to May

Start                            Phedi

Finish                         Beni

Summary                 Features Gurung villages, mountain views from Ghorapani and a long descent to the restaurants and pie shops of Tatopani. Finish with a day of walking through villages that see more Nepali pilgrims than foreign tourists.


Day 1: Phedi to Toika

6-7 hours, 1030m ascent, 370m descent follow Day 1 of the Annapurna Sanctuary trek.

Day 2: Toika to Ghandruk

4-5 hours, 480m descent, 670m ascent Trek to Landruk. descend to the Modi Kiiob and climb to Ghandruk.

Day 3: Ghandruk to Tadapani

3- 4 hours, 720m ascent

Follow Day 2 of the Ghorapani to Ghandruk trek in reverse, and spend the night at Tadapani.

Day 4: Tadapani to Ghorapani

4- 5 hours, 710m descent, 550m ascent Make the long climb to Ghorapani and Poon Hill, following the Day 1 route description of the Ghorapani to Ghandruk trek in reverse.

Day 5: Ghorapani to Tatopani

5- 6 hours, 140m ascent, 1750m descent Make the long, steep descent to Tatopani, following the Day 3 description of the Jomsom trek.

Day 6: Tatopani to Beni

6- 7 hours, 470m descent

Follow the route along the Kali GanMla reverse described in the boxed text ‘Short Cut to Tatopani, and take a bus or taxi from Beni back to Pokhara.