Blast at Monsoon Flows: Trishuli

2 Days

The Trishuli River offers an unforgettable rafting experience, ideal for first-time paddlers (classified as Class III-IV+ during high water). As you navigate the river’s well-spaced, straightforward rapids, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking gorges unfolding before you. For seasoned rafters, the monsoon season transforms the Trishuli into a thrilling adventure. Powerful rapids and whirlpools provide an exhilarating challenge. The Trishuli’s convenient location allows you to seamlessly combine your rafting trip with a visit to Chitwan National Park, renowned for its wildlife, or Pokhara, the enchanting lakeside city.

The Enchanting Scenery of the Trisuli

The Trishuli River boasts stunning scenery, including glimpses of small gorges and the cable car leading to the revered Hindu temple, Manakamana. Throughout most of the year, the river features straightforward rapids, well-spaced and easily navigated. This makes the Trishuli ideal for those seeking a shorter adventure with beautiful surroundings and a tranquil atmosphere, without the intensity of extreme rapids.

Challenging the Monsoon

During the monsoon months, the Trishuli transforms. The rapids escalate in intensity, attracting a different breed of rafters seeking a thrilling challenge. However, even during the monsoon, specific sections remain navigable for those prioritizing an exciting, yet manageable, experience.


‘Trishuli River: Meaning – ‘The Classic River’ (1 to 2 days)
Season Grading Water Volume
September – December 4 Approx.300 cumecs
January – May 4- Approx.200 cumecs
June – August 4+ Approx 450 cumecs
The Trishuli River offers exciting rafting and kayaking adventures, conveniently located just a 3-3.5 hour drive west of Kathmandu. This proximity makes it an ideal choice for short getaways or for those traveling between Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan National Park. Rafting trips on the Trishuli range from 1 to 3 days, covering distances between 15 and 60 kilometers. The classic 2-day trip is the most popular choice.After your exhilarating adventure, enjoy a comfortable return journey. Transportation back to Kathmandu takes approximately 5 hours, while Pokhara is roughly 4 hours away. For those continuing onwards, Chitwan National Park is a mere 1 hour drive from the river’s take-out point.


3-3.5 hrs drive west of Kathmandu.
Orientation meeting in early afternoon

Rafting in 15-60 km of Trishuli river
Return Back

US $120 Per Person

Cost Includes

  • High quality self-bailing rafts
  • Helmets, plastic paddles, lifejackets, and first aid kit.
  • Healthy and hygienically prepared food and drinks.
  • Tents and sleeping mats

Cost Excludes

  • Shorts and a T-shirt or swimwear
  • Suitable footwear for wearing in the raft
  • Warm clothing for the evenings
  • A towel, sun block and your camera

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Blast at Monsoon Flows: Trishuli