The trip to the sacred shrine of Bhagawati ai Kalinchowk is not like going to Manakamond on a cable car. No the journey is as easy as visit. ing Palanchowk Bhaga Wati. Paying homage to the Kalinchowk Bhaga Wati demands a little hardship but it offers a mind blowing natural Scenery of which the splendid view of the Himalayas is indeed a reward of the trip. And the Serene environment just takes you to the fullest excitement With O feeling that you are enjoying the Scenic landscape of Switzerland in Winter.

You are mistaken if you expect in Kalinchowk a gred pagoda-styled temple that Y. See everywhere in Kathmandu. The revered Kalinchowk Bhagawati resides On hilltop, in a natural setting enriched with pristine open environment just under the sky. Foreign the good news is that Kalinchowk trip is not merely pilgrimage, it is a fun-filled hike in the scenic lap of the giant Himalayas

Holiday-makers and outdoor activity enthusiasts like the chill chill and thrill of snowy terrain – to ski, to play with snowballs,  and to walk and roll in the snow is their idea of having fun. Nepal enjoys a large variety of climates, and  a few areas get to to experience snow and fog during the winter, and are fit for these snow enthusiasts. I have never witnessed snowfall in my life. It’s an odd desire, but I have always wanted my first encounter with those fresh pouring snowflakes to happen and obviously I got a chance to see a lot of snow at Kalinchowk. Covered with a beautiful white \blanket of snow. it lures tourists who love to spend their holiday play with snow, making snowballs and snowman.

A trip to Kalinchowk was a decade long plan but I never had a chance to make it work. Finally my family and friends packed our bags and set out. We were, at last, on our way to Kalinchowk. Kalinchowk is situated in the middle of isolated and heavily forested area of Dolakha district which lies to the east of Kathmandu Valley. We started our trip moving towards from Sanepa, Kathmandu at 8:OO AM by enjoying the serene and beautiful greenery by the roadsides, Banepa and Dolalghat, Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district, is about 132 km from Kathmandu and Kalinchowk is about S km from Charikot. So, the total distance to travel is 150 km. The last two hours, however, were a bit scary as the roads were under construction. There is also a gravel road to Kuri from Charikot but it must be extremely technical and challenging especially during monsoon We had our breakfast and lunch on the way and reached Kuri at 6 PM. We saw Sun which was about to set and the horizon was shining golden light, and soon it started to get dark. We were having fun on the way by listening to music and enjoying the view. We all were very excited to reach our destination. It was pitch dark and extremely cold. way and reached Kuri at 6 PM. We saw Sun which was about to set and the horizon was shining golden light, and soon it started to get dark. We were having fun on the way by listening to music and enjoying the view. We all were very excited to reach our destination. It was pitch dark and extremely cold.

Kuri is a small village with settlement of lodges and hotels to accommodate the tourists, which is right below the Kalinchowk hill. We reached the Kuribazar, got to the hotel and the first thing we did was exploring around. After hot cups of tea, we set out on an adventure. There were only a few houses scattered and the place was exceptionally peaceful and serene. The wind was so strons that for a nonent we thought it would blow us away. We stayed in the hotel “country villa” which we had booked a day before. We had fun at camp-fire, had dinner and went to bed.

The next day after some refreshments, we started hiking to our destination from Kuri village early in the morning and it was a one-and-half hour -hike from the Kuri Bazar. The shrine of Kalinchowk Bhagwati is situated at an altitude of 3,800 meters above sea level. Do not expect there a large temple structure that you find in Other places. It’s a sacred abode of goddess Kali in an open hilltop. The breathtaking wide-angled views from that height was awesome. It is country’s one of those tourist destinations that has not yet lost its raw beauty though rapid commercialization is underway. This is the sacred shrine of revered Kalinchowk Bhagwati. Even if you are not a devout worshiper of Kali, just enjoy the natural beauty in the vicinity. The entire surrounding, picturesque with its oak, deodar and rhododendron forests, is luxuriant, pristine and a haven for short hiking. The hill of Kalinchowk offers a wonderful panoramic view of Annapurna, Lamjung, Manaslu, Gamesh Himal, Shisha Panga, Langtang, Dorjee Lakpa, Jugal Himal, Gauri Shanker, and Numbur Himal.

Two natural springs called Sundhara Tama originate from thS area and these are the main source of the two big Sunkoshi and Tama Koshi rivers. From Kalinchowk one could get a good νiew Of Kathmandu at night. The main flowers of Nepal Rhododendron (Laligurans) and the national bird Pheasant (Danfe) can also be seen in this area. The Sherpa’s are the ones who inhabit these highlands and make Chhuripi for domestic use and sale also. The make this item in a so-called Goth (cowsheds) where we can see the fresh Chhurp dangling in bunches from the ceiling. There is a possibility of getting high altitude sickness in Kalinchowk. while trekking. Locals say that eating raw garlic cloves and Sattu (finely roasted and grinded corn flour) before hand prevents us from the high altitude sickness. Descending quickly to lower elevation is the best Way to avoid the

We couldn’t stay long because of the strong wind and impending rain. We experienced the first slight drifts of Snow. This was the first time all of us were experiencing Snowfall. We were excited and started taking pictures and Videos. Soon after Snowfall, the hills and paths were covered with Snow. We couldn’t stop taking selfies at each step and didn’t want to leave the place so soon. We slowly made Our Way downhill enjoying the snowfall. After the hike we came back to the hotel and have Our breakfast. After an hour We had to leave for Kathmandu and packed our bags and moved from there. The trip was fantastic and I am sure We Will remember every moment for a long time. The shrine, the walks, the endless chatter and most of the snowfall remains forever etched in our heart. This spectacular destination which is not far from Kathmandu is definitely a worth visiting place both for foreigners and the locals. Kalinchowk, a perfect destination for a short trek in Nepal can be done within 2 days. It is a Village Development Committee VDC of Dolakha District in Janakpur Zone in North Eastern Nepal. It receives thousands of pilgrims and trekkers every year. The majestic views of the northern Himalayan panorama from Kalinchowk allure everybody. It is a sacred pilgrimage site for Hindus as well as for Buddhist. The unexplored culture, lifestyle and diversities are the attractions of a Kalinchowk trip that you can plan anytime of the year.

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