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Nepal Peak Climbing

To stand on top of a Himalayan peak, and feel the sense of achievement of having scaled a mountain much bigger than anything in the Alps is the ‘ultimate dream’ for many trekkers, and indeed climbers thus brings out your peak climbing in Nepal. In 1978 the Nepal Mountaineering Association designated a number of Nepal peak climbing peaks throughout Nepal as ‘trekking peaks’, which could be attempted with a minimum of bureaucracy or formality, and this has allowed the ‘dream’ of a Himalayan ascent to be realised for many people. A more appropriate title, however, would be non-expedition peaks as none can be ‘trekked up’, and some present serious mountaineering challenges. We detail two of the most popular of these peaks – the highest, Mera Peak, and one of the most stunning, Island Peak. These trips are ideal for those wishing to combine a trek with an ascent of an accessible Himalayan summit.

Island Peak Climbing
island peak

Difficulty Level: Moderate
Duration: 6 days
Cost : $950 USD
Departure: Any date for group of 3 person and more.
Season : Mar to May and Oct to Dec.

Island Peak ClimbingThe Island Peak 6,160 meters was first ascended in by a British expedition that included Tenzing Norgay. Eric Shipton’s party named the peak in 1953, as it resembled an island in a sea of ice. The peak is part of the south ridge of Lhotse and linked to the semicircle of cliffs th…. [Read More]

Mera Peak Climb
mera peak

Difficulty Level: Moderate
Duration : 21 days
Cost : $2426 USD
Departure: 29 March 2008
Season : Mar to May and Oct to Dec.

Mera Peak 6476m is the highest trekking peak in Nepal, which can be climbed by people without mountaineering experience. It is situated on the edge of the famous Khumbu region, which is dominated by Mount Everest. Mera is a straightforward climb and is frequently ascended by groups and individuals w…. [Read More]