The Mt. Everest or Solu Khumbu region is that the second-most well-liked trekking space in Asian nation. It might in all probability be the foremost well-liked destination, however it’s costlier and troublesome to induce to Solu Khumbu than to the Annapurna space. to induce close to Mt. Everest, you want to either walk for every week or fly to Lukla, a far off mountain landing strip wherever flights area unit notoriously unreliable.

Solu Khumbu is with reason notable, not just for its proximity to the world’s highest mountain (8850m), however conjointly for its Sherpa villages and monasteries. The nominal goal of associate degree Mt. Everest trek is that the Everest base camp at associate degree elevation of regarding 5340m. you can not see Mt. Everest from the bottom camp, therefore most trekkers climb Kala Pattar, a 5545m bump on the southern flank of Pumori (7145m). From Kala Pattar there is a dramatic view of Mt Everest.

Other than the problem of access, the other major complication to an Everest trek is the high likelihood of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). This potentially deadly disease, commonly known as altitude sickness, is caused by climbing too quickly to a high elevation. Be sure to read the Altitude Sickness section in the Health & Safety chapter (pi26) if you are planning an Everest trek. If you suffer symptoms of altitude sickness and cannot go to base camp, you can still make a worthwhile trek to less ambitious destinations such as Namche Bazaar, the administrative headquarters of the Khumbu region; Khumjung or Thami, which are more typical Sherpa villages; or Tengboche monastery. From Tengboche you get an excellent view of Everest and its more spectacular neighbour Ama Dablam (6856m).

The number of trekkers to Everest has increased dramatically because of the publicity the mountain has received from several sources. The large-screen IMAX movie Everest provided a huge number of viewers with a dramatic picture of mountaineering on Everest The 1996 disaster, in which eight climbers perished, was chronicled in
Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air, which became a bestseller and captured the imagination of people who wanted to see the mountain, After decades of catering to less than 10,000 trekkers a year, the numbers suddenly jumped to 20,000 visitors in the 1997 season and more than 26,000 in 2000.

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