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Bhutan Tours

Bhutan Tours has some of the most alluring trekking trails the world has to offer. It has allured travelers with its roughen beauty, a Buddhist culture which lives till date and affable people. The treks consist of moderately easy 5 day Druk Path trek to the more arduous 23 days Snowman Trek, which portrays the contrasting topography for those who have it in them with strong legs and brawny stomach.
The trek across the country would take one through nature’s bounties of extremity: the thick verdure forests, billowy hills and straight cliffs, bare snow topped mountains, deep bottomless ravines and gorges, and then it’s the soft rolling valleys and foothills. Nearly all trekking circuits start in temperate areas and pass through alpine ones. You can find a variation in any trek with regards to weather and temperature.
Trekking in Bhutan is both mentally tiring as well as challenging to the body. Such things as the weather being unpredictable makes the chance for a good spell at high altitude trekking rather short at most times. You can hope to get three week of pleasant weather in April and another three to four weeks in October. That means a totally clear blue sky is likely in April and October. This should not put a trekker off as there are a few low level altitude treks which can be undertaken for short durations in winter which should be taken into consideration.
The asperous topography and altitude makes immediate rescue services extremely difficult. It is advisable that those with altitude sickness take additional precaution. But, never the less, helicopters will be arranged in times of emergency for rescue. All food and equipment for camping needs to be carried on horseback as there are no eateries at high altitude.
It has been approved and opened by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, 11 trekking routes presently. Their itinerary ranges from 3 to 23 days at the moment under different categories. There are also a number of circuits around Paro and Thimphu that would give you a one day’s hike.

Gantey Gogona Trek

Difficulty Level: Easy
Duration: 11 days
Cost: $2600 USD
Departure : Any date for group of 4 person and more.
Best Time to Trek: January – May, September – December

Phobjikha Valley, which is in the Himalayas at 3000 metres, is one of the few remaining glacial valleys of this region. It houses the hard to find black-necked cranes that have made it one of its migratory stopovers in the Tibetan Plateau in winter. Gangtey is a valley of astound beauty in….. [Read More]

Druk Path Trek
Path Druk TrekDifficulty Level: Moderately strenuous
Duration: 11 days
Cost: $2600 USD
Departure : Any date for group of 4 person and more.
Best Time to Trek: March, April, May, Sept, Oct & Nov

This trek is one of the popular ones that are moderately arduous that takes one to high altitudes. The trek in total is a five day hike. On this trek you get to see and pass some beautiful lakes at high altitude. You also get the opportunity to see diverse fauna and flora on the high mountain ridges as well as the surrounding Himalay….. [Read More]

Yaksha Trek

Yaksha TrekDifficulty Level: Strenuous
Duration : 15 Days
Cost: $3512 USD
Departure: Any date for group of 2 person and more.
Season: March, April, May, Sept, Oct & Nov

This is one of the popular treks which pass the base of Mount Jumolhari and Jangothang. The circuit of this trek takes you to some beautiful high altitude passes and the camps of Yak Herders. You would get some majestic scenes of the higher Himalayas which also includes Jichu ….. [Read More]

Jumolhari Round Trek

Jumolhari Round TrekDifficulty Level: Strenuous
Duration : 14 Days
Cost: $3300 USD
Departure: Any date for group of 2 person and more.
Season:  June, September – 2nd Week of December.

Jumolhari Trek is a nine day trek starting in Paro at Drugyal and ends in Thimphu at Dodena. In total it is a fourteen day package with includes sightseeing in Paro and Thimphu. In the trek, we get the opportunity to cross two passes at Jangothang. It is a wonderful view of Jumolhari Mountain at jangothang. The highest point of the trek is at 4115 me….. [Read More]